Our community is home to civic-minded community members whose unique and diverse stories represent all walks of life. Share your story and the stories of neighbours who inspire you, and demonstrate the promise of the Canada that is becoming right here in Scarborough.

You can do this in two ways:


In 150 characters or less, describe the nominee (or yourself), or provide a quote that exemplifies their character or contributions to the community.


In 150 words or less, describe how the nominee is a community builder or how they’ve contributed to the community in a positive way (coaching, mentoring, volunteering, philanthropic pursuits, community involvement, lending a hand to those who need one).


Are you or your nominee ready for a close up? Here are a few hints that will help you capture the nominee at his/her best:

  1. Use the portrait orientation – taller than it is wide (ideally 2,000 pixels wide by 3,000 pixels tall).  Your camera may have a “Portrait” setting.
  2. Set the white balance to “Auto”.
  3. Be sure to focus on the subject, not the background.
  4. Watch out for distractions in the background and foreground – make sure objects don’t look like they are growing out of people’s heads!
  5. Move in close – fill the screen with the person!
  6. Pay attention to the light, especially when you photograph outdoors. Are there any harsh shadows? Sunlight or indoor light can be harsh, so look for a location where the light is softer. You might want to ask the nominee to stand next to a window if you’re indoors or to sit in a shady spot outside.

Multiple samples of bad and good images.


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