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Commemorating Canada's 150th Anniversary in Scarborough

Bob Georgiou

Bob Georgiou is confident that “every place has a story.”

In his well-crafted and detailed blog, Scenes From A City, the local historian and Heritage Toronto volunteer uses aerial maps, century-old Scarboro Township archives, and photographs to take his followers on deep explorations of our many streetscapes. Wishing Well Acres, which he says is “not located in a ‘sexy’ area, but its story should be celebrated,” and the vicinities of Tam O’Shanter and Birkdale Ravine are among them.

Whether uncovering hidden pathways, puzzling over the origins of an “odd and misplaced” stone tower in a new park, or asking, “What’s In A Street Name?” after being inspired by the World War II significance of 28 October Avenue in Athens, Greece, Bob’s curiosity brings greater attention to overlooked aspects of Toronto’s communities. First becoming fascinated by “the interplay between history, physical landscapes, and storytelling” as a student at York University, Bob says:

“Living in Agincourt, my historical curiosities have given me the opportunity to understand my neighbourhood and how it came to be culturally, socially and geographically.”

To all of our benefit.

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