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“Recycling is important to me because it helps save the trees and the environment. People should start reusing papers, and stop bringing vehicles to work. We should only use scooters, skateboards, carpools, buses, and bicycles. We’ll have fresh air and help our planet.

I like planting vegetables for my Mom to keep her healthy because they are fresh, have no chemicals, and we save money!”

“If I had the chance to talk to the Mayor of Toronto, I would ask him to have more Clean-Up days, and plant more trees.”

8-year old Jazmine Reyes is an aspiring scientist, and a true environmentalist from the Port Union area who encourages everyone to go organic. Her garden harvest includes tomatoes, green beans, red and green peppers, cilantro, rosemary, green onions, lettuce, spinach and watermelon.

Besides tending to her garden, excelling in school, and exploring Ontario with her family, Jazmine can be found nurturing her artistic streak. She loves singing and dancing with her vibrant performing arts troupe. The talented young performers recently delighted crowds with a showcase benefitting World Vision Canada. Keep inspiring us, Jazmine.

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