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Commemorating Canada's 150th Anniversary in Scarborough


Your face
is a map of the world,
a welcoming beacon
that smiles upon
every newcomer
in search of a home…

Award-winning poet Jeevan Bhagwat reveals the story of Scarborough through his art. His poem “Scarborough – A Love Poem” conveys the idealism of growing up in our uniquely global blend of cultures – as well as our mix of light and dark:

But the politicians came and
amalgamated you,
the downtowners complained and
ghettoized you,
the media raged and
criminalized you,
till your name was
slandered and soiled.

They never saw
the beauty within you,
where mom and pop stores
peopled street corners,
and backyard barbeques
on warm summer nights
spoke of different cultures
that came together
to learn and grow
as one…

 (Excerpts of Scarborough – A Love Poem: Copyright 2017, Jeevan Bhagwat)

 Jeevan’s The Weight of Dreams is a best-seller, published in 2012 by IN Publications. To support local poets (both aspiring and professional), he co-founded and is co-facilitating The Scarborough Poetry Club, which meets monthly at Agincourt Library. To showcase Scarborough’s natural beauty. Jeevan encourages peace-lovers to visit Wishing Well Park, L’Amoreaux Park, and the “majestic limestone cliffs” of the Scarborough Bluffs.

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