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Kevin Proulx

Kevin Proulx has lived in Scarborough his entire life. He received a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Toronto Scarborough in 1992 and even met his wife on campus.

In addition to his day job, he is also a skilled photographer, capturing many events in the Scarborough community through his company Third Eye Photographics. Recently, he volunteered to photograph the North American Indigenous Games that were hosted at U of T Scarborough and the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre.

He felt connected to the Games for many reasons—from his experiences at U of T Scarborough to his own Indigenous roots and the ability to give back to the community he loves.

Proulx photographs events ranging from concerts to cultural events, nature, sports and street photography. He has previously photographed Indigenous powwows around the city as a way to connect with his own Ojibwe / Metis family roots. While he was never formally taught his family’s Indigenous history, he’s learned much from the local Indigenous Scarborough community and continues to seek out opportunities to learn about Indigenous culture.

“The Games brought in a couple of elders for training sessions. They spoke about their culture and traditions and performed a smudging ceremony in one of the lecture halls. It was amazing.”

Learn more about Kevin here.

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