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Commemorating Canada's 150th Anniversary in Scarborough

Ted Barris

If you have ever doubted the influence a special teacher can have, Ted Barris has a story for you.

“In Grade Five at North Agincourt Public School, I had Mr. Malott for history and home room. He tweaked my interest in history and made it come alive.”

Mr. Malott’s tweak, combined with a love of writing inherited from his father, a newspaper journalist, was the genesis for the multi-award winning author and broadcaster. For over 40 years, he has been telling the stories of Canada’s history and its military.

Ted Barris speaking at an event.

Ted Barris. Photo courtesy of Rob Swyrd Photography.

Barris is working on his 19th and 20th books. He recently retired from teaching journalism and broadcasting at Centennial College.

He is a popular public speaker and is particularly keen on connecting with young people.

“I like making history relevant, not as an old man’s story, but to try to look at the times and recognize why we are the way we are.”

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