Meet 150 Neighbours, and be inspired by the stories of those who work tirelessly to enhance community for all residents in a way that makes this uniquely Scarborough, and uniquely Canada.

150 Neighbours is a photo-documentary series marking the momentous occasion of Canada’s sesquicentennial, celebrating local accomplishments as part of our national festivities. This social-media driven and crowd-sourced campaign will feature 150 Scarborough community and nation builders—past and present—over 150 days, from Saturday July 1st to Tuesday November 28th.

Scarborough is the City of Toronto’s largest borough, representing more than 20 percent of the population of the City of Toronto. A popular destination for newcomers to Canada, Scarborough is one of the most diverse and multicultural neighbourhoods in the country. Residents here include civic-minded community members whose unique and diverse stories represent all walks of life, and demonstrate the promising future of the Canada that is becoming.

In this 150th year of Canada’s confederation, we seek an improved understanding of how our future may unfold. This includes an understanding of our complicated history as a nation. Scarborough’s land is a legacy of the Williams Treaties, which cover substantial tracts across Ontario including our community. These two land surrender treaties were complicit in dispossessing Indigenous land, removing hunting and fishing rights and, in many ways, propagating poverty and dependence on government. Projects like 150 Neighbours present an opportunity to raise awareness, and to pursue change that is both meaningful and lasting.

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Celebrate Your Neighbour events are scheduled across Scarborough from May through August. These events, organized along celebratory themes, recognize community members and volunteers in different ways. Come together as a community to celebrate one another, and recognize those who touch lives through their service and kindness. It’s all about community, connection, pride and impact.

150 Neighbours community partner organizations are identifying participants who will be Taking it to the Streets – that is joining a two-day digital storytelling workshop where they will receive training and produce a multimedia account of a community initiative—helping Scarborough residents share stories about their neighbourhoods. Participants will learn to script, narrate, design and direct short stories and share their personal experiences using photography, video, narration, poetry, and music.

These workshops are facilitated by Digital Storytelling Toronto, an initiative of the Centre for Community Learning & Development. Thank you to Free Geek Toronto for providing workshop laptops.