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Commemorating Canada's 150th Anniversary in Scarborough

Andrea Moffat

“People can always find better ways to work together,” says Andrea Moffat, and she has made a career out of finding those solutions. The lifelong Scarborough resident envisioned the model for her business, Divercity Consultants, while she was still a student at U of T Scarborough, majoring in women’s studies with minors in political science and sociology.

“I always felt that there was this weird injustice going on. University helped me understand how we got here and how we can get better.”

With a stint in marketing with Telus Corporation under her belt, for the past 12 years, Andrea’s successful consultancy has advised businesses, non-profits and others on ways to address systems of bias and issues of diversity and equality.

“Business does better with diversity and equitable customer service. Diversity helps us compete and have an edge on the competition.”

She maintains an active commitment to her community.

“I owe so much to Scarborough. I love Scarborough with all my heart. There are so many talented people – artists, activists, athletes…”

Andrea has run for office at the provincial and federal levels and continues to look for ways to help, with her commitments to social justice, developing youth initiatives and training entrepreneurs.

“We can connect to compassion and empathy and see new ways of thinking. It’s an exciting time to do this.”

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