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Cari Flammia

Cari Flammia credits her 24 years as a Scarborough resident to her passion for helping others.

Growing up, she was always volunteering with different youth and family initiatives throughout Scarborough. “Humanitarian work has been a real passion of mine for as long as I can remember,” she says and is so thankful to live in Scarborough where she is able to put this passion into action.

Last year Cari founded The Beatitudes Movement, an organization dedicated to humanitarian efforts. The Beatitudes Movement has collected toiletries for Toronto’s women’s shelters, undergarments for Free The Girls, which helps women rescued from sex trafficking, and fundraised for Indigenous centres in Toronto as a response to the Standing Rock protest. This year the Beatitudes Movement is creating Blessing Bags to distribute at homeless shelters.

Cari is grateful to be part of the caring community that is Scarborough and says this is what makes her work possible. “Scarborough has shaped me to be the person I am. I’ve been able to thrive to make a positive difference in my community and beyond.”

“Scarborough has developed so much and this community keeps moving in a positive direction. My contribution is to continue the work I’m doing and try to inspire others and plant positive seeds.”

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