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Carol Armstrong

Planting, preparing, preserving – Carol Armstrong’s community garden program, P3, delivers life-sustaining basics for neighbours in need. The fresh harvest and products from the volunteer-run garden at East Scarborough Storefront are donated to a food bank at 4100 Lawrence Avenue East.

Carol Armstrong portrait

Carol Armstrong

Carol, a Scarborough resident since 1954, remembers many trips to farmers’ markets and to the Whittamore Farm in the area’s north end with her family. She learned from her mother-in-law how to cook, bake, pickle, and preserve produce in order to feed people in her life all year long.

Now a volunteer on the Storefront Steering Committee and the Advisory Board of Residents Rising, an activist group in the Kingston-Galloway/Orton Park neighbourhood, Carol feels inspired to be involved in a sustainable poverty reduction movement. She founded P3 four years ago and runs it from May to October.

“I have to give a lot of credit to the Steering Committee. I try to help wherever I can. I like to go around and see if people are receptive to my ideas. I’d love to see the program in other communities, too. I also love to encourage people to go for their passions – and to believe in themselves.”

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