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Commemorating Canada's 150th Anniversary in Scarborough

Georgia Balogiannis

Georgia Balogiannis discovered her passion for journalism early. As a high school student, she learned the tricks of the newspaper trade through a co-operative placement at The Scarborough Mirror. Decades later – after detours into broadcast television and radio – Georgia earned the title of Managing Editor at Metroland Media Toronto, which includes The Scarborough Mirror and seven other publications. In her own words, Georgia describes her journey:

Scarborough is my success story. It’s where my family is and where my church is. It’s my foundation. 

My personal ties to Scarborough are strong. I grew up in North Scarborough and bought a home in the same neighbourhood. I could drive in any direction from where I live and be sitting in the kitchen of someone important to me having coffee in ten minutes flat. I’m surrounded by love. 

I have many proud moments being a ‘Scarborough girl,’ but at the top – next to purchasing my own home – is being appointed Managing Editor of my hometown paper. It’s absolutely surreal. A complete honour. I help shape people’s perspective of our great community with my amazing team of journalists. It’s a sweet gig. I still pinch myself.  

I started my career at Metroland Media after completing an internship there and graduating from the journalism program at Centennial College. After about five years, I moved on to CHUM (the former owner of a local TV station) and then 680 News.

But my heart craved that community connection. So in 2007, I returned to my roots at Metroland. I was grateful to be a working journalist; connecting with people and telling their stories with integrity.

I can see how all the pieces fit together so beautifully. Which choices helped shape me, which opportunities made me. Everything served me. I knew people who went to the United States or Europe for their postsecondary placements.  But little did I know I would reap the rewards of the seeds I was planting. I’m a grassroots girl. Always have been. And the grass is perfectly green where I’m standing. 

Photo by: Dan Pearce, Metroland Media

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