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Jillian Rahim

Jillian Rahim is a modern educator, advocate for what’s right, and a charismatic entrepreneur. Jillian’s achievements are many and include her being named Miss Multicultural Canada 2015, a special guest at Woburn Collegiate Institute’s Dance Festival Day, a Calgary Stampede 2017 performer and a STOMP competition judge.

Many of her contributions to the community involve the fine arts and education—her two passions. She demonstrates genuine love and compassion for everyone, often expressing her desire to help children and youth discover their own passion. Always recognizing the importance of hard work, Jillian is an encouraging friend who makes others feel capable and worthy, even in uncertain moments and never gives up.

Jillian has worked with individuals, groups and organizations—creating dance showcases, building self-esteem, leading by example and always with conviction.

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