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Margaret Chown

Amidst a dream-like landscape of floating houses and reflecting planets, The Lady of Scarborough Village will lure your attention away from busy Markham and Kingston Road, into the peaceful, garden-filled Fred Johnson Park.

The Lady of Scarborough Village Mural by Margaret Chown

The Lady of Scarborough Village

A small yet striking mural designed by artist, teacher and Scarborough resident Margaret Chown – and created with the help of her four daughters and two art students in 2010 – The Lady offers a glimpse into Margaret’s great imagination and sensitivity.

“I’m passionate about art. I believe art is for everyone. To see a student go beyond their expectations is a shared joy…It’s inspiring to help someone give voice to their thoughts and feelings visually. I try to discover who each student is as an artist and how I might nudge their artistic growth forward.”

Margaret shares her gift for painting in acrylics or using the digital medium with children, seniors and adults with intellectual challenges across Scarborough locations, from Cedar Ridge Creative Centre to the Momjii Centre, and Community Living Warden Woods. Margaret overcame a near-defeating hardship, undergoing numerous eye surgeries and suffering from postural double vision that almost caused her to give up visual art.  Thankfully, she underwent a successful operation that eliminated her double vision, and she continues to create and share her unique and inspiring art.

Margaret has always been a concerned and caring member of her community. In the wake of tragic Danzig Street shootings in 2012, Margaret, a resident of the area for thirty-two years, created a “community spirit building project” called Dear KGO. Letters of praise for the neighbourhood were on display at the East Scarborough Storefront and at George B. Little Public School, as a reminder of the love and positivity found in the community.

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