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Randall Arsenault

Randall Arsenault is the face of a new policing approach in Toronto. With 26,000 followers on Instagram and 24,000 on Twitter, Officer Arsenault uses humour and an open friendliness to share messages about safety and prevention – as well as glimpses of his day as the city’s first Community Engagement Officer.

Using hashtags #PositivePolicing and #HumanizingTheBadge, it’s clear that Randall’s philosophy of protecting people differs from his father’s police generation. Through a SafeWalk program, community barbeques, school visits, and youth engagement – including past projects teaching guitar and DJing – Randall connects with residents and builds trust in the 43 Division east Scarborough neighbourhood of Mornelle Court. He aims to inspire others to erase the “us versus them” brand of authority.

“We have a job to do, and we take that job very seriously…It’s important that we be seen as human first.”

By letting others share a bit of his life – posting photos of people he admires, his beloved three-legged German Shepherd, Duke, and his pet chickens, it’s safe to say Randall has achieved that, and more.

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