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Farzana Islam

Farzana Islam’s ambition as an artist extends beyond creating gorgeous, intriguing drawings and paintings that she shares with her followers on Instagram (smiley_crayon), into voicing concerns about injustice:

“Using social media, I have connected with many local artists, and artists around the world. It is amazing to see how many of them use art to voice problems they face in their own countries. I would very much like to use art as a tool to voice my concerns if I see injustice or something unfair in the world.”

The talented 17-year old student from Albert Campbell Collegiate, and a tattoo shop apprentice, is also one-third of The Giving Well Project, an organization she founded with two friends, as part of a DECA Ontario competition that challenged them to find a way to serve their community.

“We dedicated it to helping those affected by poverty in Toronto. This was the first time I had the opportunity to use my art to benefit someone else and it was an amazing experience! I designed and drew Christmas cards, which we sold to raise money. I also designed the logo, posters and flyers that were used for our fundraisers. I want to continue doing projects such as this in the future, and would create art for any charity in a heartbeat.”

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