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Stacey Berry

You know that expression, “if you want to get something done, ask a busy person”? Well, you’d better ask Stacey Berry. She’s busy as an entrepreneur running her BStellar Consulting Group, which offers advice and workshops on such soft skills as public speaking, networking and event planning. She’s busy as a public servant, serving on the Toronto Board of Health. She’s especially busy in her off hours with every kind of charity event, mentorship opportunity and community development project, from The Olive Branch of Hope, fighting breast cancer, to Inspire North, empowering teens and young adults. You might even say she’s busy getting awards, such as the 100 Accomplished Black Canadian Women.

“I’m somebody blessed with many gifts, especially when it comes to organizing, bringing people together, or mobilizing young people,” says Berry. “And I’m passionate about giving back, so if there’s a challenge, I just roll up my sleeves and get the job done.”

Berry grew up in the Malvern area of Scarborough, influenced and inspired by her late mother Winnifred, who was well-known in the community as a tutor and mentor. In her crowded life, Berry has interned for an organization in Washington, D.C., complete with lunch at the White House, performed various roles as a political staffer in the Ontario government, and gained a master’s degree in public policy, administration and law from York University. While her reach extends all over Toronto and beyond, she frequently returns to her home ground, helping with events and offering youth mentorship. “I’m always doing something in Scarborough.”

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