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Help By Helping

These four friends are inspired by their Scarborough community and a desire for progression and inclusivity. Johanna Telio, Kat Osen, Neil Forester and Xavier Pinto are the four minds behind Help By Helping—a GTA collective that organizes events to spread awareness for important issues within the community.

“I love the city and look forward to being more involved in the community.” Xavier Pinto

A goal of the group is to find a way for community members to easily unite for a cause, rather than having a city of people who wish they knew how to help but aren’t sure where to start. Help By Helping creates space for that unity in Scarborough and other areas in Toronto.

“We decided to start the group so we could be an outlet for others within our community to come together and raise awareness in a non-traditional way.” Neil Forester

Recent initiatives by the group include a job fair for autistic youth, a program for homeless citizens, and a club and games night for community members with visible—and invisible—disabilities called “Dance Able.”

These four community builders plan to re-host these events next year and also expand their work.

Forester says, “The real inspiration was just knowing there are a lot of good people in our community who want to give back.”

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