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Commemorating Canada's 150th Anniversary in Scarborough

Shehna Javeed

For long-time resident Shehna Javeed, Scarborough is a complete community. Read what Scarborough means to her, in her own words.

Learn, love, pray and grow…this is what Scarborough represents for my life.            

Since the age of 16, Scarborough has been my home and what a great place to be. I love my community and I love living and working here.

Family is in Scarborough. My children and their cousins have attended and continue to attend the public education system in Scarborough. With accessible public transit which is part of the Toronto transit system (unlike other parts of the GTA), food from any culture that I desire, community centres that have family programming and affordable exercise facilities, and places to gain spiritual rejuvenation and intellectual education through colleges and the University of Toronto—Scarborough has everything you need. 

In Scarborough, you get a chance to interact with the world. I have met interesting and warm people with rich life stories. Living here exposes one to peoples of different ethnic, socio-economic backgrounds, and all walks of life.

Living here disallows you from living in a bubble. Opportunities for civic engagement are available within grasp in small and big ways. In 2015, I volunteered for the Pan Am & Parapan Am Games and enjoyed seeing the incredible talent and sportsmanship of Canadian and international athletes. During the 2016 Canadian federal election, I knocked on doors to encourage people to vote. Scarborough provides opportunities to live and learn. 

It is not a perfect place. There is economic disparity and roads with many potholes but there are beautiful parks and the Scarborough Bluffs and many different places of worship. No place is perfect—imperfections make us humans; imperfections make us strive to be better, and without its warm imperfections, Scarborough would not be home!

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