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Jessica Valleau

Jessica Valleau is the only Social Media Provincial Youth Outreach Worker in Ontario and works at East Metro Youth Services, located in Scarborough. Using social media platforms, Valleau provides an accessible outlet for youth and families seeking help.

“Outreach is important to the Scarborough youth community because it allows me to interpret and define online and community based trends of youth culture today, but it also allows me the opportunity to close some of the service gaps that youth face.”

Valleau loves her job and finds Scarborough inspiring. 

“I spend the majority of my time here working with youth and have had the pleasure of building many personal connections with the community.” 

When she was younger, Valleau couldn’t recall having many options for community youth support. She makes it her mission to give today’s youth options she never had and her unique job provides the perfect path.

“For me, it’s about providing today’s youth more opportunities to be leaders in the world than ever before.”

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