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Rachel Kandiah

Rachel Kandiah is the Indigenous Outreach Coordinator, a work-study position with the Department of Student Life at the University of Toronto Scarborough. She recently took part in a workshop at the University to showcase the Indigenous initiatives she’s working on.

“Scarborough is known for hosting many events that celebrate the beauty of every culture, yet I feel there is more to be said about the Indigenous community.”

Kandiah is involved in many Indigenous outreach projects, including: connecting students with Indigenous communities, fostering safe spaces for intellectual conversations regarding Indigenous issues, volunteering for powwows held at local Scarborough schools, ensuring Indigenous students attending the University feel safe and welcome, and planning future initiatives to expand the University’s Indigenous engagement.

“My time working with the Department of Student Life has developed both a passion to learn and stand in solidarity with our Indigenous brothers and sisters.”

After attending the powwows, Kandiah was inspired by Scarborough’s willingness to be more involved with Indigenous traditions and practices. She wanted to find a way to expand outreach to the city and give even more people a chance to learn, appreciate and become involved with Indigenous culture.

“I wanted to be involved in such a cause and be able to engage with students who were interested in learning more about the beautiful culture of the Indigenous community. I saw a great conversation starter around the importance of hosting such celebrations that are open to the greater community.”

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