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Commemorating Canada's 150th Anniversary in Scarborough


Co-operative Education is “real-world” experience that often leads students to choose their life path. Such a crucial role is not lost on Toronto District School Board teacher Reena Parathundyil, who has been in charge of Co-op and Career Studies at Albert Campbell Collegiate in North Scarborough for the past nine years. Eloya, the Grade 11 student (and aspiring filmmaker) who nominated Reena for 150 Neighbours, says;

“She genuinely cares about her students—is good at communicating with us, very personable, easy to speak with and helpful. Also, really organized and instrumental in getting our placements.” 

Reena, who also teaches Business Studies and Law, says, “Since I was four, I wanted to be a teacher in order to shape or impact people for the better, for their future success. The most fulfilling part of my job is when a student comes in with no clue what he or she is interested in doing in Co-op or in the future—but after different questioning, we figure out which road to go on. Over time I see them grow in maturity as they progress in their learning outside of the classroom. Very satisfying and heartwarming for me—knowing that I had a role in creating this unforgettable experience for the kids, that I helped them to be a better learner, person and worker.”

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