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Commemorating Canada's 150th Anniversary in Scarborough

Asia Clarke

Asia Clarke is the founder of Wild Moon Jewelry, an online shop based in Scarborough that celebrates eco-friendly and sustainable fashion while promoting artistic expression in the form of jewelry. Clarke frequently travels to find culturally diverse, natural beads and materials for her jewelry. No matter how many new countries she explores, she is always full of pride when she thinks of her home in Scarborough.

Clarke gives back to her community by hosting jewelry-making workshops for youth, with a goal to teach them the importance of artistic expression and creativity.

“I enjoy the vulnerability of learning something new, and the fresh creative energy that comes when you create something you love. I have been so inspired by my work with youth, both at home and abroad in Ghana and Dominica.”

Wild Moon Jewelry is part of the United Nations Association Canada Green corps program, which supports Canadian organizations that contribute to the growth of green economies in the country. Clarke currently hosts a Womb Circle for locals who identify womyn/womxn, and has previously been involved in community organizations such as the East Scarborough Storefront, Cuso International, Crossroads International, Ontario Council for International Cooperation and SKETCH Working Arts.

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