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Commemorating Canada's 150th Anniversary in Scarborough

Suresh Doss

Crowned by the Toronto Star as “Scarborough’s unofficial food ambassador,” Sri Lankan-born, Agincourt-raised Suresh Doss is an influential food and travel writer, editor and photographer who leads the world’s food experts, discerning downtown-dwellers and the culinary-curious on van-packed, all-day, organized Food Tours throughout our many diverse neighbourhoods. A veritable passport-issuer and gate agent for Scarborough.

Acknowledging that Scarborough is “ground zero for a wide range of international food”—from Afghani to Zanzibari and all spots in between—and “the best place to eat in the province,” Suresh brings respect and pride to our cooks, chefs, and restaurant entrepreneurs. Suresh’s family triggered his lifelong passion for food:

“My grandmother, mother, and aunts were all great cooks back home in Colombo, and I have memories of fundraisers at the local church where my Mom and Grandma operated a dosa stand. There was constant activity in the kitchen, day and night…Moving to Canada, I spent time with my friends of various backgrounds, touring through Markham and Scarborough, always checking out new places—eating pho, sushi and shawarma.”

Having travelled recently to Jamaica, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand—with gorgeous, enticing foodie-gem-and-cultural-landmark videos posted to prove it—Suresh has not lost his enthusiasm for constantly exploring, discovering, and sharing his suburban strip-mall favourites with his loyal following. Currently, Suresh loves “learning about the micro Middle Eastern cultures” along Lawrence Avenue East. He is aware that “some pockets” in Scarborough change and transform, so the key is to return often, with an open mind and empty belly, mapping new “taste trails.” There’s always an appetite for Scarborough’s eateries—so there’s always a special seat reserved for you, Suresh.

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