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“Propelled by elements from the visible world
and the invisible beyond, my imagination
kept roving. It filled me with creative fire.
I felt inspired to find expressions
that could convey my perceptions and reactions,
and imprint them as imitation lines
from the original poem, the universe.”

(From Sheila Bello’s poem, The Universe is a Poem)

Poet, writer, and community development consultant, Sheila Bello is profoundly inspired by nature’s beauty. Whether admiring the blooms of her own abundant garden or Rosetta McClain Gardens, or exploring Morningside, Rouge Park, Twyn Rivers, or the rocks at Scarborough Bluffs, Sheila is compelled to record her love and impressions for posterity. Lyrical poetry, haiku, tanka – this dedicated wordsmith experiments with different forms of poetic expression, as well as fiction and creative nonfiction. Sheila has published a book of poetry and is featured in many anthologies. In her poem “Words to My Childhood Self”, Sheila advises;

“Stay on the path to your goal, even if it meanders through fog and gloom at times. Fog and gloom contain insights just as astonishing as sunshine does. Collect and use them now, and in future.”

As an immigrant from Trinidad – arriving in Canada in 1972 – the longtime Highland Creek resident worked as a Policy Advisor, both as Assistant to Solicitor General and Assistant to Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, helping our provincial government improve the effectiveness of its services for newcomers. She advocated for employment equity for women and minorities, and improved race relations. Working to spread beauty and understanding – a genuine artist. “In my quiet way, I give a lot.”

Meet me at The Bluffs
Step away for a while
from the sensational headlines,
spurious political announcements,
and worldwide social conflicts.
There will be more of this tomorrow.

(Excerpt from the poem “At the Bluffs” by Sheila Bello)

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